Pragna Vanchan Card For Teachers

Pragna Vanchan Card For Teachers

Number of programs across the country such as DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL have been implemented towards universalization of elementary education. As a result, since past one decade, there has been a significant improvement in the enrollment and retention of children at the primary level. However, despite sincere and dedicated efforts at various levels to improved quality in education, there is a long way to go. When one thinks of usual primary classes, the picture of any teacher-centric classrooms that come to one’s mind is as under:
1. Teacher dominates the classroom all the time, with no allowance for children to learn to develop on their own.
2. It is assumed that all children will learn the same thing at the same time and in the same manner.
3. The problems of multi-grade and multi-level nature of classroom are not addressed.
4. TLMs are rarely used by children as a normal practice.
5. Most of the materials used are not prepared for self-learning.
6. There is no opportunity for the child to learn the lessons missed during his/her absence from class.
7. Evaluation methods are mostly summative and test only the rote learning by children.
Pragna Vanchan Card For Teachers
In order to address the above issues, Pragna – an activity based learning approach, has been initiated with an objective to correct and overcome these difficulties and to open the classroom to a more holistic and learner-based way of working with children through the day, throughout the year.


Pragna Vanchan Card For Teachers
Ms. 1 To 4
Ms. 5 To 7
With Color Card And Black & White Card
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Color Card Black & White Card

Ms.1-4 || Ms. 5-7 Ms.1-4 || Ms. 5-7

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