GPSC Class-1-2 Mains TEST SERIES-13

GPSC Class-1-2 Mains TEST SERIES-13

“Different bodies involved in conducting Civil Service Examinations at the State and the National level are not merely job portals where young aspirants come with expectations to get a job but they are an important thread in the sociology-economic fabric of the governance. In a layman’s terms, a Public Service Commission may be mere exam conducting body responsible for various recruitment procedures. However, it is expected that a Public Service Commission envisages its role and importance beyond that common understanding in the Civil Society. The Public Service Commissions are an integral part of the social justice system and hold special importance in the process of governance and success of the democracy which our founding fathers envisaged. Millions of hopes and dreams rest on the functioning of these bodies. Therefore, reliability, validity and above all transparency in the examination system should be the topmost priority. It is also upon the Public Service Commissions to create a guiding thrust which fulfills the expectations of the society by the officers it recruits.

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I am happy to state that the Gujarat Public Service Commission works with this vision and understanding of its role in the good governance & social justice system.”

Dinesh Dasa

GPSC Class 1/2 Mains
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